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Serbian Language Grammar Books

The presented order doesn’t reflect my personal preference.
Unfortunately, there are no Serbian grammar books (I prefer to call them textbooks) that exclusively use Cyrillic alphabet (I indicate below which books use both alphabets).

  1. Serbian for foreigners, by Pavle Cosic (available for purchase online)

  2. Božo Coric. 2002. Srpski za strance [Serbian for foreigners]. Cigoja štampa, Beograd. 437 pages; 7tedition. ISBN 8680607010

  3. Maša Selimovic-Momcilovic and Ljubica Živanovic. 1998. Srpski za strance [Serbian for foreigners]. Institut za strane jezike, Beograd. Audio & paperback. ISBN 86-7147-050-4; Latin.

  4. Thomas F. Magner. 1995. Introduction to the Croatian and Serbian Language. Pennsylvania State University Press.

  5. Celia Hawkesworth. 1997. Colloquial Croatian or Serbian. Routledge, London. Paperback, 320 pages; ISBN: 0415161312.

  6. Celia Hawkesworth. 1997. Colloquial Croatian, Serbian & Bosnian. Routledge, London. Audio & paperback, vi, 309 pages ; ISBN: 0415161312.

  7. David Norris. 1993. Teach Yourself Serbo-Croat. French & European Publications, Inc. Audio & paperback, ISBN: 0785910638.

  8. Serbo-Croatian Basic Course I or Serbo-Croatian Basic Course II. Foreign Service Institute: Foreign Language Courses. Multilingual Books. Audiotapes + book. Latin and Cyrillic.